Room Of The Week

Well well well... Looks for back, the ROTW :)

What must I do:
Write [ROTW] in the beginning of the room name then you write your room name or else it wont be judged
(Judged by iFail / CoolBananas)

This weeks theme will be 'Arcade'

1st prize is 10 thrones 5 voodoo dolls iFail Brain Free eXpert and ROTW Badge
2nd prize is 5 throne 2 voodoo dolls CoolBananas Brain and ROTW Badge
3rd prize is 1 voodoo doll and ROTW Badge
4th Gold Nelly, Silver Nelly Bronze Nelly and ROTW Badge
5th ROTW Badge

Good luck everyone :)

Author: CoolBananas